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Temazcal course

Temazcal course


Learn about medicinal plants and their uses, types of temazcal, and procedures.

Prepare and receive various types of temazcal, carried out under Cristian’s guidance and experience in different tribes.


Clear dates


Who is it for?

– To anyone who wants to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of the temazcal

– To people looking to expand the offer of their hotel, spa, or retreat center.

– People who want to deepen their understanding alongside a highly experienced teacher.



Transmit knowledge about medicinal plants, types of temazcal, procedures.

Prevent mistakes and risks.

Receive and experience various types of temazcal.




Temazcal guide with more than 20 years of experience. He began at the age of 8 years in the traditional environment of dance, music, and indigenous rites of pre-Hispanic Mexico. He participated in several presentations in Mexico and abroad. His in-depth knowledge of the ceremonies led him to dedicate himself to couples’ unions, name sowing ceremony, and all kinds of the sweat lodge.



Day 1

– Check-in at Hacienda Cancun 3 pm

– Welcome meal at 3.30 pm

– First session: theory + practice workshop 5 pm

  • Welcome talk and introduction
  • Benefits of temazcal and healing properties

– Relaxing Temazcal 6 pm

– Dinner 8 pm


Day 2

– Breakfast 8 am

– Talks:

  • Definitions and types of pre-Hispanic baths
  • Elements of the temazcal and their meaning
  • Introduction to medicinal plants

– Free time (optional: massages)

– Lunch at 2 pm

– Second session: theory + practice workshop 4 pm

  • The different rites and uses of the temazcal
  • Rite of lighting the fire
  • The various applications of temazcal and their purposes: curative, therapeutic, relaxing, pre and

postnatal, etc.

– Healing temazcal experience 6 pm

– Dinner 8:30 pm


Day 3

– Breakfast 8 am

– Third session: theory + practice workshop 9 am

  • The presence and current importance of the temazcal
  • Health conditions for the temazcal participants
  • Protocols of the guides that carry the rite of the temazcal
  • Questions and answers

– Group lighting of the temazcal, pre, and postnatal temazcal experience

– Lunch at 1 pm

– Check-out 2 pm


– 3 work sessions with the workshop owner

– 3 temazcales with different twists. Material included.

– Food: 2 breakfasts + 3 lunches + 2 dinners

– Room in double occupancy.

– Use of the retreat center facilities exclusively for the group


  • There is the possibility of renting a single room
  • You can make extensions of the stay if there is the availability
  • You can hire extra services such as: relaxing massage, reflexology, etc.
  • You can employ the airport-hacienda-airport transport service


DATES available for 6-12 people group confirmatios.


Price in USD.


Two nights of lodging

Rooms with bathrooms


3 Temazcales with all material included


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