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Retreat with ancient medicines and worldview

Retreat with ancient medicines and worldview


Enjoy the experience of the expansion of consciousness and the heart’s opening through traditional medicine and the ancient wisdom of the sacred, therapeutic use of Ayahuasca.

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Live the experience of the expansion of consciousness and opening of the heart, through traditional medicine and the ancient wisdom of the sacred and therapeutic use of ayahuasca.


Our Ayahuasca Retreats open the way to a deep level of healing, freeing us from old patterns of behavior, old bases of belief, and imposed or self-imposed limitations.


We seek to re-establish the connection with your spiritual essence and strengthen your path, where there is no reality but your own heart.

In this retreat, we will share healing techniques, yoga, shamanism workshops, and awakening of consciousness, practices in the cenote, and temazcal to integrate these tools in our daily lives.


We share with love, commitment, and respect. Our guides are experienced teachers who share ancestral knowledge with an open heart, integrating Amazon and Mexica wisdom.


We are in a protected reserve, surrounded by nature.



Reiki Master Therapist, Alternative Therapist, Meditation Instructor, Tarot Player, Reiki Instructor, and Consciousness Development.
Since 2001, he has dedicated himself to teaching courses to develop human potential internally, personally, and spiritually.

Exponent and founder of Spiritual Psychology and exponent and promoter of the awakening of consciousness, facilitator, and integrator of Ancient Medicines, holistic therapist graduated from AMITA Traditional Mexican Medicine and Alternative Therapies, Psychologist from the University of Guadalajara and Acupuncturist direct disciple of Dr. San Sung Bae Park. And the Taita Sinatsuma from the Shipibo people of Pucallpa, Peru. He has extensive experience in the treatment of addictions and depression, has participated in workshops, courses, and therapies in rehabilitation centers and integration clinics, as well as in physical rehabilitation treatments for children with special abilities. With more than 15 years of experience in integrative therapies.



Day 1:

  • Assignment of room check-in 3 pm
  • Lunch and welcome 3:30 pm
  • Temazcal 6 pm
  • Circle of fire and the word 7:30 – 8:30 pm
  • Welcome dinner at 9 pm


Day 2:

  • Yoga Kaula 8 am
  • Breakfast 9 am
  • Detox meal 2 pm

During the day

  • Orientation talk with a psychotherapist or shaman
  • Shamanism workshop and awakening of consciousness
  • Rapé circle
  • Cleansing and floral bath, healing, and cleansing with herbs
  • Ayahuasca ceremony 8 pm


Day 3:

  • Breakfast 9:30 am
  • Time to rest and enjoy the place (optional massage with additional charge)
  • Salad food
  • Orientation talk with a psychotherapist or shaman.
  • Ceremony with Ayahuasca Medicine 8 pm


Day 4

  • Meditation in nature
  • Breakfast 9 am
  • Closing ceremony 11 am
  • Closing talk



–            Two ceremonies with ayahuasca

–            One rapé ceremony

–            Kaula yoga session

–            Work sessions with shamans and workshops

–            One temazcal /sweat lodge ceremony

–            Foods that will help detoxify your body: 3 breakfasts + 3 lunches + 1 dinner.

–            Room in double occupancy.

–            Use of the facilities of the retreat center exclusively for the group

–            Accompaniment of the psychotherapist, medicinal musician, and support staff.


  • Possibility of renting the room in single occupancy, with extra charge.
  • It is possible to hire extra services such as: relaxing massage, reflexology, etc.
  • It is possible to extend the stay. Subject to availability.
  • It is possible to contract the airport-hacienda-airport transport service.


DATES available for 6-20 people groups confirmations.


2 ayahuasca ceremonies

Rapé circle

Meditation in nature

Yoga session


Work sessions with shamans and workshops

3 nights of lodging

Room with bathroom

Special diet


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